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Harness the Superhuman Power of AI Testing

AI driven test creation and execution is a breakthrough in software testing. Reduce labor to near zero and gain near 100% code coverage, finding more bugs faster than with any other tech.

AIQ automatically generates a comprehensive set of user flows for any application: new or legacy, browser-based or mobile. Its machine learning process doesn’t require application add-ons or logs to operate.

Best of all, AIQ’s AI informed, machine generated test portfolios are vastly more comprehensive than manually-created script portfolios.

AI Testing Benefits

Immediate Testing Results

AIQ’s AI driven testing generates and executes comprehensive testing by itself, with little input and usually in an hour or so. No recording, scripting or logs are required. Testing reports are then available for review. 

  • Instant Smoke Test
  • Comprehensive Functional Test
  • Performance Test
  • Application Penetration Test


Complete Coverage

AIQ’s army of smart bots fully map out the Application-Under-Test by exploring each and every path through it. They create a comprehensive set of use cases as they go. These use cases number anywhere from the hundreds to the thousands, and result in complete coverage of the AUT.

AI Testing Technology

UI Intelligence

AIQ’s proprietary UI Intelligence Library understands how to navigate controls from a wide variety of frameworks, for both browser and mobile apps. This includes apps using HTML5, React, Angular and many others. UI Intelligence, coupled with AIQ’s AI Hinting, allows its army of smart bots to navigate through every possible user path. 

Navigation through the AUT’s UI controls is informed by AIQ’s UI Intelligence Library
AIQ’s ML Bots learn all use cases.

ML Process

AIQ swarms an army of machine-learning-powered bots on the AUT. These freakishly smart bots spawn in numbers that often exceed 100 at a time. They explore every discernible path through the AUT, creating use cases as they go. When they reach the conclusion of a path, they reanimate and start again from the beginning, exploring different routes until every use case is mapped, and test case created. Their superhuman intelligence is powered by over half a dozen patented ML and math methods. 

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